Tomatillo – The green gem of Mexico

Commonly called tomate or green tomato, they have nothing in common with tomatoes. Tomatillo is a fruit of the same family as Physalis, characterized by the husk that is surrounding it.

It is quite difficult to find fresh outside of Mexico as they are a Mexican indigenous ingredient. I have only found it canned in Paris some years ago. Fortunately I have found some fresh one some weeks ago in a gourmet store in Oslo: Maschmanns (which I advice you to visit if you have the chance, you will find there the best Norwegian delicacies among others from all around the world).

Tomatillos bought in Maschmanns - Oslo

Tomatillos bought at Maschmanns – Oslo

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Back on track! – Introduction to the new blog

So long time since my last post here (Would be better saying an eternity!). So many things happened, I was so busy (school, work, change of career…). But I am happy to tell you I am back ! The meaning of the blog will slightly change though; it will still be about cooking, travelling but also about decoration and design.

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Food story : organic food and cocktails! – Oslo – Closed

A new address in Grünerløkka, let’s say that Food Story is the perfect place for the neighborhood : a nice terrass/garden in the backyard, organic food, delicatessen, catering and nice staff.

The decor is minimalist with bricks and a open kitchen where you can see the chef cooking organic and fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is relaxed and a lot of people are coming to spend the whole afternoon there.

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